How to reverse String in swift?

[Question]: Reverse a string with O(1) extra memory. The input string is given as an array of characters like [“C”, “A”, “R”]

func makeReverseArray(_ s: inout [Character]) {
    for i in 0..<s.count/2 {
        //s.swapAt(s.count - i - 1, i) // by using Apple's predefined function.
        (s[i],s[s.count - i - 1])  = (s[s.count - i - 1],s[i])

var charsInput:[Character] = ["C","A", "R"]
print("output-->", charsInput) // Prints ["R", "A", "C"]

So here we have used one for loop which iterates half of array & swapping last with first

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