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How to Create ProgressBar in swiftUI ?

In this article we will discuss about creating Gauge or Progress bar in iOS Application by using  Gauge(1. Making Horizontal progressBar2. Creating Circular progressBar 1. Making Horizontal progressBar We will create a simple progress bar where currentProgress shows fraction completion of the bar For adding min max values use currentValueLabel minimumValueLabel maximumValueLabel 2. Creating Circular …

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How to make Multiline TextField in iOS SwiftUI

iOS 16 You can use .lineLimit(5, reservesSpace: true) where first argument denotes the lines required & reservesSpace means do you need default space for `n` lines. If you make it false by default single line space will be shown.Just Like A UITextField in UIKit it works as a multiline text entry in iOS application.

How to create Navigation in SwiftUI ?

iOS 16 onwards User NavigationStack for top Header(NavView) & use NavigationLink for jump to next view – Additionally you can use .navigationBarTitleDisplayMode(.inline) for lesser height NavigationBar Use Of .navigationDestination To jump with specific value use navigationDestination let me explain you in simple way by giving Genuine example –Create a Hashable model in Swift – where …

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Return Key Event in SwiftUI TextField

Target iOS 13 From the SwiftUI TextField listening events from the return button just use the onEditingChanged parameter of TextFieldThis is Specially used when someone using TextField For SearchBar in SwiftUI finding solution similar to searchBarSearchButtonClicked where the keyboard dismissed as well. Solution for iOS 15 onwards :